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Trial Dive With Us!

Can you breathe? Can you swim?

You're good to go sister!


We can take you on a PADI Discovery Dive which was developed so non-divers could jump in the water with us and try. Just like that. No need for a PADI certificate. If you like it (you will) and want to do more (you should), that dive will have counted as your first towards certification. Win. Win. (Win.)

Snorkel Too!

Want to come out as a group?

Some can dive and the others can snorkel. Easy.

Let's go out to where the turtles are because that's where the shipwrecks are too. In the heart of Carlisle Bay we got it all. Just come, be merry and we'll take care of the rest.

After 20 years in the dive industry, I decided to open my own dive company. My aim is to offer and more personalised service with a smaller boat, taking fewer numbers to ensure I provide a much better wuality experience to all of my divers and friends! After all, anybody can teach you to dive, I want to teach you to love to dive!

Meet the crew

G (for good)

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 

Famed for inventing the mask and fins, he also coined the term in Jaws "You're gonna need a bigger boat". He is the last letter in Scuba Diving and the first word in everything that is Great. He designed the sea-shell and can last longer than most rocks underwater.

When he started GFish Barbados, he had over 20,000 dives so the government of Barbados sank a ship and then celebrated 50 years of independence. He is the island's most renowned waterman and the dawn of GFish diving was long overdue.


PADI & AIDA Freediving Instructor

Barbados national record holder, Alex is originally a Cornish Pasty and is our resident spearfishing guide. After a hunt he is renowned for saying "My one is bigger than yours". He has been teaching his art from when he spearfished his way out of kindergarten aged one. Starting with a relaxation ritual, Alex calms you down so that your heart rate drops and your senses enter a state of zen. That's when he takes you out to stab fish underwater. Super relaxing.

He is the island's most qualified freediving instructor and we are proud to have him on our team.

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Meet The Crew

Let's Go!

Snorkelling Tours

Turtles & Wrecks

We are based in Carlisle Bay which is home to the island's richest underwater marine park. 2-minutes by boat and we're swimming with the turtles. The sea is flat, crystal clear and the most vibrant turquoise your eyes have ever seen.

USD 40

USD 60



Try Scuba (No Experience Required)

Discover Scuba Diving

There is a PADI dive that was designed for people who want to try diving for the first time.


Nervous? You're not alone. 

It's only normal! We show you a few moves and before you know it you will be hooked like the rest of us.

USD 110

30min Warmup + 40min Dive

Scuba Diving

Already Qualified?

We have outings for every level and if you haven't had a go in a while, we'll give you a refresher course. It doesn't take long and your confidence will rush back.

If you want to go out with non-diving friends and family, we can definitely take you all out together. We have dives that snorkelers can enjoy from the surface.

1 Dive

2 Dives

USD 70

USD 130

5 Dives

Night Dive

USD 300

USD 90

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Learn From The Best

Open Water

The First Course

The course has been redesigned and modernised so that you can do the whole course online. This means that when you get to Barbados we will take you diving for two days and you will emerge a PADI Open Water Diver.

Advanced Open Water

More Fluent, Better, Deeper

Take the next step and we will take you on your Deep and Wreck dives - the critical components to becoming an Advanced Open Water Diver. Then pick three other specialties and receive the underwater education of a lifetime.

Rescue Diver

Emergency First Response

The Crown Jewel of PADI Diving

Once you have 60 dives under your belt, we will build the confidence in you to make your diving second nature. This will give you the ability to watch others for signs of anxiety in order to prevent accidents. We will also teach you everything you need to know when saving people in distress.


The Crown Jewel of PADI Diving

Our partner company is the only school on the island that can teach you to freedive to a PADI Advanced level and AIDA 3*. National record holder Alex Davies has represented Barbados in world championships and his current deepest is 84 metres in CWT.

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Learn to Dive

Get in touch

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Barbados Cruising Club

Aquatic Gap

Bridgetown, St Michael


+1 246-287-5289

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