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Snorkelling Adventure Tours

Did you know that if you hold your breath,  lay face down in the water and starfish, you float!!


Add a mask and snorkel and voila! You’re a professional! It’s as easy as that. As a matter of fact, the more you stay still, the closer the turtles come. 


Our snorkel trips are catered for you. Be it the calm and peaceful waters of Carlisle Bay with Green or Hawksbill Turtles, shipwrecks and huge schools of tropical fish or an adventurous ‘drift snorkel' for the free divers at heart.


Some of our snorkel sites are actually shallow dive dive sites ranging from 7-13m (20ft-50ft) where there is coral reef for miles. Spotted Eagle rays, Sting rays and the occasional Manta Ray can all be seen from the surface.


The truth is where we go others do not. Tell us what you want and we do our best to blow your mind.

Snorkeling with turtles and shipwrecks




Private Boat






Learn with the best

Everyone in life should have a chance to experience breathing underwater  at least once.


That is how I feel about it to be honest. What makes the difference is the amount of production that goes in before you actually touch the water. No matter your age, skill level or physical condition as long as your doctor clears you,we can make the experience possible.


Step into the ocean from the beach, walk in and try the equipment in shallow water, if you like it we take it from there.


We like easy so we make it so. The lesson is simple, once you breathe you relax,once you relax everything flows after like the water off your fins.  Give us three hours and it could very well change your life.                                                                          

Try our 1-dive Discovery Dive $110

Get in the water, blow some bubbles and  find out over three hours what you think of diving. No massive training courses, no over-complications. Water. Bubbles. Good times.

We start of with a short 20 minute video and safety briefing. We then enter the ocean! Shallow ‘pool like’ conditions so if you have any discomfort just stand up. From there you get some time to play with the bubbles you create while getting used to breathing underwater. A simple basic skillset follows which is practicing in water what you have already seen in the video.

Once this is complete and you show that you are comfortable with it all we go check out 6 shipwrecks and thousands of tropical fish. 

Advanced Open Water Certification $380

Ready to dive the wrecks? Navigate underwater? What about learning how to night dive?  During our dives we will take the next step to make you the best diver you can be.

Over the course of five dives and some theory (that can be done online or before vacation) you will be exactly as it says on the card…...advanced!!

Deep diver and Underwater Navigation are mandatory then you choose any other three of adventure dives to help you tune up and sharpen your skills exactly where you feel you need them.

A deeper understanding of scuba and what makes a dive work is the total intention of the lesson. Understanding currents and how to make them work for you, identifying types of coral that grow along cardinal points as aids in  natural navigation, safety equipment management and use and above all the importance and awareness of your own safety. And of course, having a laugh while you’re at it!

Open Water Certification $450

Have you got your PADI? This is it. Over 4 dives we will play around in the water and work some really cool exercises to show you the ropes so you are free to dive anywhere in the world.


We would recommend that if possible do as much of the theory part of the course before you come on vacation. That way it’s all dives and water work from there. In two days you could be a Padi  Certified Open Water Scuba Diver. However sometimes that first Discovery Scuba Dive is enough to make you never look at vacation as a dry time ever again so you do the course then and there with G Fish. In that case add on an extra day or two for bookwork (‘days’ would be considered as a morning 9am -2pm relatively) .  


Two dives a day, each dive teaching you a little more of what you need to know to be a safety conscious and capable diver.  During your course you will be exposed to various conditions step by step to make you better than the diver you thought you were going to be. Courses at G Fish are taught for you to understand scuba and why, not just a ‘look at me-do what i do’ skill.

Rescue Diver & EFR $450 

This is the most exciting and engaging PADI course. When you've become such a natural diver that  you can start thinking of others and their safety , we will show you how to recognise fear, how to help people and, most importantly, how to save lives. This is the course where we make you feel like and know that you can be a real life hero to someone. This is no joke and not a course to be taken lightly. Over one to two days you will learn all the signs to detect discomfort and know that you  have practiced the skills to be confident ,capable and qualified to assist in a situation.


The Emergency First Response Course is mandatory to obtain Rescue Diver status and teaches you to handle critical situations that could otherwise be fatal if YOU were not present. CPR from infant to adult and management of injuries, cuts and bruises. Who knew !? That you knew how to administer oxygen to someone or relieve a choking baby. This is that course!


This course feeds that secret superhero in all of us.

Learn to Dive

Come Dive

G Fish was designed to take friends diving and that is how you are meant to feel. A small group of divers that go out to have a good time and create a wonderful experience for themselves to return with smiley faces and stories to tell. Top side conversation and banter and laughter. 


We like easy so we make it so, dive gear is set up, changed, broken down, washed and stored if you request it. 

Boat entry is also easy. ‘Blessed’ the G Fish dive boat can come right to the shore. Just your ankles may get wet. All dives are done by boat and led by a Padi professional.

Price List


1  tank

2 tanks

3  tanks

4 tanks

5 tanks


All additional tanks


Night dive

UV Night dive













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Contact Telephone: +1 246-287-5289

Find us at the Barbados Cruising Club. 

Aquatic Gap

Bridgetown, St Michael

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About Us

Priding ourselves as a boutique style operation with our strongest points being the comfort and safety of the client from the complete novice to the nautilus. Very often clients requests are met and surpassed with extreme ease. Like as if it was…..well……….. normal!


G Fish delivers a level of customer service unrivaled by any other dive operation on the island. How?  Dive numbers do not exceed 4-5 persons for the normal two tank dive and snorkel/beach crawl trips 8-10 persons max.


Operating out of the Barbados Cruising Club on Pebbles Beach. Which is super family friendly.  Not only one of the South Coast’s most beautiful beaches with its calm waters and beautiful white sand, there are plenty of activities going on for the whole family.  Kayaking, SUP, surf lessons, sunloungers, on site restaurant and not to mention a great Rum Punch serving bar!  


At G Fish we like to make things both easy and simple.  So come on, what are you waiting for???  Book a dive with us so you can be reminded of why you fell in love with diving in the first place!

About Us
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